Arts and Culture for Early Years       May 4 – 24, 2020        


Foolish Operations ,

at Assembly Hall

Come weave a yarn with us! Tricoter is an interactive dance show for all ages that re-creates the spirit of a knitting circle. The central dancer weaves the yarn around the circle, until one and all are tangled in a large knot of bright colours. Through play and dance, our own family histories emerge.


**Please note, for Tricoter you can purchase 1 $25 Bundle for a Child & Caregiver. Individual tickets are $12.50.**


Artistic Direction: Julie Lebel

Hosting and facilitation: Julie Lebel, Candice Irwin

Dancer: Marie-Pier Gilbert

Musician: Anna Atkinson

Show times

May 18 at 11h00
May 18 at 13h00
May 18 at 15h00
May 19 at 10h00
May 19 at 13h00
May 20 at 10h00
May 20 at 13h00
May 20 at 15h00

About Foolish Operations

Foolish Operations is a non-profit society creating and discovering new dance experiences where professionals and non-professionals, young and old alike are capable, make choices and solve problems, lead and follow, create and collaborate. Our work is inter-generational, inter-subjective, place-based, and often involves families. We celebrate children as agents of their own creative choices. We explore the power of play to re-shape reality through dance and related arts in performances, installations, workshops and classes. We research and develop the field of community engaged arts and dance education as well as share our best practices with artists, educators and organizations through conferences and workshops.

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