Arts and Culture for Early Years       May 4 – 24, 2020        

BONNE NUIT! (Good Night!)

Puzzle Theatre,

at Assembly Hall

After their successful run of Plastique in the 2014 WeeFest, Puzzle Theatre presents their latest production Bonne Nuit! 

It’s bedtime but sleep is the last thing on this restless fellow’s mind. Besides, how can he sleep when the pillow and blankets have minds of their own and his pajamas want to dance? Performer Csaba Raduly thrills all ages with his puppetry and physical comedy.

This inventive and super-funny show PERFORMED WITHOUT WORDS is the perfect way to close our festival before everyone heads home for a snooze!

Be sure to catch a performance of Tricoter before or after Bonne Nuit!


Creation and Performance: Csaba Raduly
Director: Pavla Mano
Set and Costume Design: Ivan Stavrev
Puppets: Csaba Raduly and Pavla Mano
Original Music: François Landry and Petya Nedeva
RUNNING TIME: 35 minutes
TECHNIQUES: Object Theatre and Hand Puppets

Show times

May 20 at 11h
May 20 at 14h00

About Puzzle Theatre

Puzzle Theatre was founded in Bulgaria and moved to Montréal in 2004. It has its own unique style that draws on many different theatre genres, including actor, object and
puppet theatre. It built its reputation through its colourful combination of styles and the broad range of its means of expression. It allows the audience free reign to interpret the unspoken, to make their own associations between ideas and to feel what is not explicitly stated. Puzzle Theatre has performed across Canada, in Europe and in Asia. Bedtime! is their latest work.

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