Arts and Culture for Early Years       May 11 – 20, 2019        

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Each year of the festival we ask individual supporters and families to donate, if they can, to keep the WeeFestival accessible. Your donations ensure that we can keep ticket prices low and provide free programming to schools, daycares and families across the GTA. This year WeeFestival was honoured to receive an anonymous family donation of $10,000! We are hoping to match this incredible donation with the help of families and individuals like you. Help us achieve our goal!

Spark a life-long love of the arts and change tomorrow by supporting the WeeFestival today!


Thank you to our supporters so far! 

John and Susan Goddard
Andrea Iaboni
Smollett/Ley Family
Annie & Tim Bezbatchenko
Kim McInnes
Anahita Azrahimi
Dominique Denis
Fitzsimmons Frey Family
Holzinger Chang Family
Anahita Azrahimi
Stephanie Filippi
Allen MacInnis
Catherine O’Grady
Belarie Zatzman
Michael Emrich
Rachelle Ganesh Bain