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Théâtre des petites âmes, Montreal, QC

May 12th – May 13th, 2018 at Théâtre français de Toronto, Studio 21

Idea and design: Isabelle Payant 
With the generous collaboration of Stéphane HeineAnne Brulotte-Légaré and Patrick Beauchemin
On stage: Patrick BeaucheminStéphane Heine and Isabelle Payant
Light: Nancy Longchamp
Music: Isabelle Payant
Stage Manager: Stéphane Guy


Three complete strangers have each received a special invitation from OGO! But where is OGO? They wait for the guest of honour to arrive, and soon friendship and play starts to blossom. But wait, who was that peeking around the corner? OGO!

Review from Lynn Slotkin:

Three strangers have received an invitation from OGO to wait for him at a designated place and he will come and take them away on an adventure. So Olive, Gregoire and Oscar arrive, and wait, and wait, and ditto. They introduce themselves. They make music together; see strange creatures and become friends as they wait.

It’s a beautifully charming, sweet, inventive show that will get the wee kids talking out, offering advice and while not quite yelling out, “HE’S BEHIND YOU!!!” it’s pretty close.

Artistic Director says: OGO is an absolute delight. Funny, heartwarming, totally theatrical and full of surprises!

About Théâtre des petites âmes

Created in 2007, Le Théâtre des Petites Âmes (Small Souls) was born from a desire to offer small scale puppet, object and mask theatre productions. Stories and dreams come to life in a small scale theatre format where reality and imagination coalesce.

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