Arts and Culture for Early Years       May 11 – 20, 2019        


LagunArte, Pays Basque, France

May 18th – May 20th, 2018 at Small World Music

Created and performed by Kristof Hiriart


Mokofina is a transformative musical and cultural experience. Basque performer Kristof Hiriart is a vocal artist, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer that blends traditional and contemporary sounds to create an enchanting musical journey for very young children.


Review from Lynn Slotkin: 

Children are ushered into a dimly lit room with warm light emanating from the stage. Performer Kristof Hiriart is already on stage making sounds with a strange stringed instrument that rests on the side of his mouth as he taps the string. He segues into making other sounds with his mouth, speaks a kind of gibberish that almost sounds like language, and creates rhythmic sounds tapping the many and various jars, glasses, containers and jugs around him. He also uses jam jars. He dips a finger into a jar and noisily licks each finger. The children are mesmerized.

Artistic Director says: This is an absolutely magical musical experience for little one’s and their grownup guests.


About LagunArte

Located in the Basque Country, LagunArte was founed in 2001 with the objective to promote musical and artistic activities related to creation, production, edition, research and transmission. For its development LagunArte draws on heritage and interculturality.

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