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The Boat and the Moon

La Baracca, Italy

May 15th – May 18th, 2014

“There was a boat, sailing at sea, but on the moon it wanted to be…”

It is the tale of a boat and its pipe dream. It dances with a fish, talks to the stars, plays with a pelican, listens to a whale…It asks for help and directions. It wants to know how to do it. How do you leave the sea and sail to the moon? Music, movement, puppetry and poetic text combine for a beautiful journey on imaginary adventures.

Co-presented by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura.

Please note:  This performance is General Admission and seating is mainly on mats situated close to the performance. children are free to sit at the front or comfortably with their parents. There will be a limited number of chairs placed towards the back.

By Roberto Frabetti and Bruno Cappagli
Produced by La Baracca – Testoni Ragazzi
Directed by Bruno Cappagli and Valeria Frabetti – with Carlotta Zini
Original Songs by Riccardo Tesi,
English version, Vocals Arranged and Performed by Andrew Penner
Vocals Arranged and Performed by Andrew Penner (English Language Version)
Set Design by Barbara Burgio
Technical Support: Alex Bertacchi

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**A special performance of The Boat and the Moon in Italian will take place on Saturday, May 17th at 4 pm. For more information about this performance (titled: La Barca e la Luna) please click here.

Show times

May 15 at 13h00 (School Performance)
May 16 at 10h00 (Sold Out)
May 17 at 11h00 (Sold Out)
May 18 at 11h00 (Public Performance)
May 18 at 16h00 (Public Performance)

About La Baracca

Founded in 1976, La Baracca has been working in the field of theatre for children and early years for the past 30 years. The company’s productions are addressed exclusively to children and young people, and they are centred on actors theatre and on an original theatrical style. To date, La Baracca has produced over 140 shows for children and young people, with more than 9.000 performances.

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