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A still from Knock, by Magnet Theatre, featured in the 2018 WeeFestival

Magnet Theatre, South Africa

May 19th – May 20th, 2018 at The Theatre Centre Mainstage


KNOCK! is a South African theatre performance especially created for little ones. 4 performers enter the space and explore the natural material of wood, its sounds, what it can do and what it can make. Stimulating for the imagination, the cast create strange and magical animals and images with wonderfully shaped pieces of forest wood. With songs, especially created for the production, they include the children in singing and creating sounds with their own bodies.

Produced by Magnet Theatre

Director Jennie Reznek
Cast  Nolufefe Ntshuntshe, Athenkosi Mfamela, Sivuyile Dunjwa, Babalwa Makwetu
Production Manager Themba Stewart
Lighting Design Themba Stewart
Created by The Company
All music Workshopped by director & cast
Design Asiphe Lili
Photography Mark Wessells

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Knock  explores the creative possibilities of forest wood. The young audience sits on cushions close to the playing area. Different pieces of wood in various shapes are placed along the edge of the playing space. Four performers makes various sounds by tapping various parts of their bodies. A rhythm results. The children are invited to clap, tap and repeat the rhythm.

Rectangles of wood are given to each member of the audience who are invited to knock, bang and tap along with the performers. Petals of thin paper is thrown in the air and cascades down like disks of snow. The children are invited on stage to play with all the bits and piece of wood that were used during the show. The four performers engage directly with these wee members of the audience. One built a castle of blocks. One joined bits of wood to make a formation. Others did their own thing. When playtime was finished one of the performers asked all the kids to help clean up and they did, quietly, efficiently and with out fuss. Terrific.

Artistic Director says: Knock! promises to be a music and rhythm-filled experience for young children and their families!

Artistic Director says: Scoop is a gorgeous experience for babies and parents that is sure to forge lasting memories while inspiring continued play at home.

About Magnet Theatre

Magnet Theatre is a high profile physical theatre company that has been operating in and out of South Africa for the past 30 years. Foregrounding the language of the body, they create exciting, innovative and sophisticated African theatre which engages with the present condition in South Africa.


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