Arts and Culture for Early Years       May 4 – 24, 2020        

Jack and Cosima Grunsky

Jack and Cosima Grunsky

at The Redwood Theatre


Like Father, Like Daughter-Family Musical Traditions

Join Jack and Cosima for a fun-filled and interactive performance featuring a wide range of instruments.

Stay after for our WeeFestival closing Round Dance with Lindy Kinoshameg and Leslie McCue.

$5 per ticket at the door


Jack and Cosima Grunsky’s performance is presented by Prologue to the Performing Arts

Show times

May 20 at 13h00

About Jack and Cosima Grunsky

Jack Grunsky is a renowned Juno award-winning children’s performer who has charmed young audiences for over three decades. Cosima Grunsky has grown up with and through music, performing alongside her father since she was eight years old. Jack and Cosima’s gentle approach to engaging children with their unique brand of family music traditions inspires, teaches respect and nurtures a sense of self-worth and community spirit.

Visit the Jack and Cosima Grunsky website