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The Next Ten Years: Rich in Culture, Rich in Form

by Lauren Brotman For Lynda Hill, the question at the heart of the entire week, of the entire WeeFestival was always “what doe the next ten years look like, what does the Canadian theatre movement for early years look like?” And this is why she’s brought together this gathering of people; to ignite conversations that […]

WeeFestival Holiday Monday Events For Babes!

by Lauren Brotman WeeFest’s HOLIDAY MONDAY is just around the corner! It’s an unbelievable day of rich programming and fun events, celebrating babies and families, something I’ve been looking forward to all week. Here is the run down: All Events take place on May 19th 
at Artscape Wychwood Barns from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm. Entrance is free with donations encouraged […]

Digital Days Inspire Personal Relationships

by Lauren Brotman I began my day at Bedtime by Katarsis, Educacion y Teatro S.L. from Spain, developed because their own child would not go to bed. In a way it was a duet between the two actors and the children where familiar objects and images were used in unfamiliar ways. It was an imaginative […]

The Moment of Contact- not just for babies

by Lauren Brotman   The focus today was to probe into what creating and engaging for the early years looks like with representatives and pioneers from Europe and Quebec, to explore what the Ontarian, what the Canadian movement looks like. These ‘trailblazers’ had fascinating stories to tell about their journeys, not just in creating for […]

Day Two of WeeFest: Serenity, Imagination and Must Sees

by Lauren Brotman Day Two at WeeFest was all about babies…and great art. I started my day at the Tarragon Theatre for Teatro do Biombi’s production of In Black and White, A Yellow Line, a show for 6-36 month olds from Portugal. The lobby full of babies and baby carriers and strollers, we all waited […]

The Right to Play

by Lauren Brotman As I nervously entered the Performance Studio at the Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse for the opening conferences of the WeeFestival, into a room full of delegates made up of academics and arts practitioners from various parts of the country and the United States, I wondered how I was going to manage to […]

Observe, Engage & Participate at WeeFestival

by Lauren Brotman Theatre Direct’s WeeFestival, the gathering of international artists who will be engaging the very youngest of theatre audiences, is just days away. In tandem with the programming of performances, activities and events scheduled for WeeFestival is a week full of exciting conference activity for parents, educators, academics, caregivers, artists, and observers. The […]

Beginning a Life Long Love of the Arts

by Lauren Brotman     (Photo by Walter G. Breuer Performers: Michael Lurse, Marko Werner, Holger Queck) Today I had an inspiring conversation with Lynda Hill about the special gathering of artists from Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Quebec and Ontario who are all coming together to engage the very youngest of audiences with beautiful, sophisticated theatre […]

A Wee Lot of Good for Parents, Artists, Educators and Caregivers

by Lauren Brotman It’s just around the corner! Get ready for WEE! I recently had the opportunity to speak with Lynda Hill about Theatre Direct’s extraordinary WeeFestival which begins this month, and to hear about the insanely inspiring INTERNATIONAL activities and events that celebrates quality theatre for children under the age of 6 and their […]

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