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Study in Performance Practice

Study in Performance Practice
May 16 -20, 2016

Artists, Educators, and students of theatre or early childhood studies are welcome to join the artists of each show after the performance for an engaging discussion around their creative process and performance approach for very young children. Open to delegates, tickets required. 

Monday, May 16, 10h00 Traces (Helios Theatre), Wychwood Theatre

Tuesday, May 17, 10h00 Nest (Theater de Spiegel), Tarragon Extra Space

Wednesday, May 18, 13h00 Jumping Mouse (Urban Indigenous Theatre), Pia Bouman Scotia Bank Studio Theatre

Wednesday, May 18, 12h30 Arbre/Inuksuk (le Chemin qui Marche), Tarragon Extra Space

Thursday, May 19, 10h00 Pekka (Théàtre des Petites Âmes), Wychwood Theatre

Thursday, May 19, 13h00 Under a Different Light (La Baracca), The Theatre Centre

Friday, May 20, 10h00 Hup (Starchatchers), The Theatre Centre

Friday, May 20, 13h00 Woodbeat (Helios Theatre), Wychwood Theatre

Friday, May 20, 17h00 Table Top Tales (SNAFU & The Snack Music Collective), The Theatre Centre


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