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Tree/Arbre & Inuksuk

Tree Puppet

Le Chemin qui Marche, Québec

May 18th – May 22nd, 2016 at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space

May 18 12h30
May 19 12h30
May 20 10h00 (SOLD OUT) & 12h30
May 21 14h00

A story of rocks and a story of a tree. Nature, wonderment, poetry are the threads of these two short-form, wordless performances, which both use a table as a stage. A magical universe created from next to nothing: pebbles and pieces of wood!

And yet, these little things open the door to the magical world of objects, of silence and of sounds, of faraway lands called Winter and Life. These lands of legend hold a precious lesson: how to love the Earth.


Created and performed by Pierre Bérerd and Bénédicte Guillon Verne

About Le Chemin qui Marche

Le Chemin qui Marche was founded in 2008 within the corporation “Space Art Nature” and is located in Neuville on the St. Lawrence River near Quebec City. The company creates shows for all-ages with elements of nature and recycled materials in the style of tabletop puppetry. The company has performed throughout the province of Quebec, New Brunswick and France. The company collaborates with artists from Quebec, France, Lebanon and the United States as well as many First Nations artists.

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