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Performers onstage in Traces

HELIOS Theatre, Germany

May 16th – May 18th, 2016 at Wychwood Theatre

May 16 10h00 (SOLD OUT) & 12h30 (SOLD OUT)
May 17 10h00 (SOLD OUT) & 12h30 (SOLD OUT)
May 18 10h00 (SOLD OUT)

Two performers and a musician explore the theme of memory and the impressions we leave on each other and the world around us through sand, sights, and sound.

What do we remember, when we look back on our own traces? What kind of orientation offers old traces for future steps? Lines and patterns in the sand, scraps of paper that lead the way, echoes of voices, writing – traces point to movement and change, to presence and absence, arrival and parting. A play with signs and sounds that appear and disappear, alter and complement.


Co-presented with the Goethe-Institut Toronto
Co-production with Teatr ATOFRI (Poznan)
Directed by Barbara Kölling
Performed by Marko Werner, Michael Lurse
Music by Roman D. Metzner

About HELIOS Theatre

HELIOS Theater was founded in Cologne in 1989 by a group of professional artists from different art forms, moving in 1997 to the city of Hamm. The company is headed by Barbara Kölling as a director and Michael Lurse as a puppeteer.  In close co-operation with actors, puppeteers and musicians Barbara Kölling develops challenging theatre performances for all age groups that imprint the work of the theatre. The artistic process often starts from the material itself, a certain subject or a tale.

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