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Ssst! (Secrets of a White Rabbit)

florschütz & döhnert, Germany

May 17th – May 20th, 2018


Enthralling from start to finish​!  Out of one of the performers’ many pockets comes all sorts of strange things including a raggedy white rabbit with a love of adventure and magic (not to mention a bothersome habit of disappearing!) This “poetic circus” is filled with delightful objects, live music, and lots of giggles.

Idea, scenography, objects, play: Michael Döhnert and Melanie Florschütz
Artistic Collaboration: Joachim Fleischer, Werner Hennrich, Hendrik Mannes
Music: Michael Döhnert
Costume Designer: Adelheid Wieser
Scene painter: Wolf Dieckmann
Production: florschütz & döhnert
Co-Production: SCHAUBUDE BERLIN, BROTFABRIK Bonn, Méli’mome / Festival Reims Scenes d’Europe

About florschütz & döhnert

The Theatre company florschütz & döhnert is based in Berlin, Germany, and tours around the world. Melanie studied the art of puppetry in Stuttgart, Germany; while Michael is a composer, guitarist and singer. They focus on developing work for “Theatre from the very beginning”.

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