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Ssst! (Secrets of a White Rabbit)

florschütz & döhnert, Germany

May 18th – May 20th, 2018 at Factory Studio Theatre

May 17 at 13h00 (School Performance, Public Tickets Available)
May 18 at 10h00 (School Performance, Public Tickets Available)
May 19 at 11h00
May 19 at 16h00
May 20 at 11h00
May 20 at 14h00


Enthralling from start to finish​!  Out of one of the performers’ many pockets comes all sorts of strange things including a raggedy white rabbit with a love of adventure and magic (not to mention a bothersome habit of disappearing!) This “poetic circus” is filled with delightful objects, live music, and lots of giggles.

Idea, scenography, objects, play: Michael Döhnert and Melanie Florschütz
Artistic Collaboration: Joachim Fleischer, Werner Hennrich, Hendrik Mannes
Music: Michael Döhnert
Costume Designer: Adelheid Wieser
Scene painter: Wolf Dieckmann
Production: florschütz & döhnert
Co-Production: SCHAUBUDE BERLIN, BROTFABRIK Bonn, Méli’mome / Festival Reims Scenes d’Europe


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Artistic Director says: Under the masterly hands of florschütz & döhnert, the tiny becomes grandiose, the meaningless unique and the stage a cosmos where anything might happen…

About florschütz & döhnert

The Theatre company florschütz & döhnert is based in Berlin, Germany, and tours around the world. Melanie studied the art of puppetry in Stuttgart, Germany; while Michael is a composer, guitarist and singer. They focus on developing work for “Theatre from the very beginning”.

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