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Child in Nest

Theater de Spiegel, Belgium

May 17th – May 22nd, 2016 at Tarragon Theatre Extra Space

May 17 10h00 [SOLD OUT]
May 18 10h00 [SOLD OUT]
May 19 10h00 [SOLD OUT]
May 21 10h00 [SOLD OUT] & 16h00 (4:00pm)
May 22 11h00

*PLEASE NOTE: As this performance was created specifically for children ages 6 months-3 years both you and your child will need a ticket to attend this performance

In a large, round, snug nest a violinist and a female singer go on a poetic journey of discovery. They seek out the safety and warmth of the nest to hatch their egg, to dream of ducks and to chirp like birds. They learn to fall, to pick themselves up and to fly out of the nest.


Created and directed  Karel Van Ransbeeck
Music by Charles Van Ransbeeck
Performed by Inez Carsauw (vocals) and Astrid Bossuyt (violin)
Composition by Hanne Deneire  
Set Design by Wim Van De Vyvyer
Costumes by Lies Marechal
Production/technician: Zoë Bossuyt

About Theater de Spiegel

Theater De Spiegel is a professional theatre company, home based in Antwerp (Belgium). Its artistic aim is to find interfaces between live music and the magic of puppets, objects and figures, as well as to explore new theatre languages and forms. Next to the making of performances for families, the company has developed a specific program for children from the age of 0 up to 3. Theater De Spiegel receives financial support from the Flemish government and the province of Antwerp.

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