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LagunArte, Pays Basque, France

May 18th – May 20th, 2018 at Small World Music



Mokofina is a transformative musical and cultural experience. Basque performer Kristof Hiriart is a vocal artist, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer that blends traditional and contemporary sounds to create an enchanting musical journey for very young children.

Created and performed by Kristof Hiriart.

Show times

May 18 at 10h00
May 18 at 13h00
May 19 at 10h00
May 19 at 11h15
May 19 at 16h00
May 20 at 10h00
May 20 at 11h15
May 20 at 14h00

About LagunArte

Located in the Basque Country, LagunArte was founed in 2001 with the objective to promote musical and artistic activities related to creation, production, edition, research and transmission. For its development LagunArte draws on heritage and interculturality.

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