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Violinist with audience of young children and adults

Starcatchers, Scotland

May 19th – May 22nd, 2016 at The Theatre Centre Mainstage

Friday May 20 10h00 [SOLD OUT] & 14h30 [SOLD OUT]
Saturday May 21 10h00 & 14h30 (10am & 2:30pm)
Sunday May 22 10h00 & 14h30 (10am & 2:30pm)

*PLEASE NOTE: As this performance was created specifically for children ages 0-24 months both you and your baby will need a ticket to attend this performance

A quirky quartet of playful musicians create an enchanting classical music experience for 0 – 24 month olds and their grown-ups.

Discover two violins, one cello, one raccoon, and the story of a very important tree. The violin was carved from this tree and this tree is conjured by the music of the violin: this is the tree’s sonata.

Hup is created for babies, and has a relaxed and comfortable performance style with the chance to stay and play afterwards.

Artistic Director’s Notes: I couldn’t be more excited to have this wonderful performance in the WeeFestival. Starcatchers is a leading innovator in arts for the very young and this beautiful show emerges from an extensive period of research and development in nurseries with educators, artists, and the children themselves. The WeeFestival will place performances of Hup in a number of nurseries throughout Toronto before it plays for families on the weekend.

Hup was created in association with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra following a 6 month development project in Aberdeen called Nickum from October 2013 – March 2014.

Created by Hazel Darwin-Edwards and Abigail Sinar

Directed by Xana Marwick
Designed by Karen Tennent
Lighting by Simon Wilkinson

About Starcatchers

Starcatchers is a pioneering organisation that specialises in performances and creativity for babies, toddlers and young children aged 0-5 and their parents and carers in Scotland. Our work is designed to nurture young children’s creative and cognitive development, sparking their imaginations.

Visit the Starcatchers website